Monday, 22 September 2014

Things to be considered while selecting Garage Doors for your Home

If you are looking for garage doors you can look out for two major designs i.e. tilt-up doors and sectional roll-up doors. The sectional roll-up doors are a bit expensive than the tilt-up doors.

The tilt-up doors are of a single panel material, when you open the door, you simply have to pull it out and pivot it up to slide it along the roof of your garage. Sectional roll-up doors are of a number of horizontal sections in which each section is hinged or attached to the next section. This gives the door a certain degree of flexibility. The door will be mounted on rollers and to open it, you simply have to lift the door and it will roll into placing it along the roof of your garage. The sectional roll-up doors take less room as you don’t have to pull the door out.

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Garage doors are primarily made from wood or steel. Wood is cheaper and comes in more attractive option. But wooden doors can easily get damaged by the weather than the steel doors. Steel garage doors can be an expensive one but will give you more benefits than the wooden garage doors. Before selecting a steel door check that it has been properly prepared to prevent getting rust. Garage doors made up of aluminum or fiberglass are occasionally found. Both these materials are less expensive but are less strong than steel. These materials cannot withstand the wear and tear that the garage door faces.

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Your garage door needs periodic maintenance to keep it working smoothly and making it look beautiful as the rest of your house. Your garage door should be washed regularly no matter what material your garage door is made up of. The wooden garage doors should be painted on a yearly basis to ensure it stays protected. The steel garage doors should be polished with car wax on a yearly basis as to maintain its shine. To maintain the mechanical parts of the garage doors, you should lubricate all moving parts with motor oil.


Dave Thompson said...

Never really thought of what I want my garage door to be made of when selecting a new door. I love to look of wood, but I hear that steel lasts for a very long time. I'll probably be happier if I go with my head on this one and choose the steel door. Thanks for the great post.

Jane Fox said...

I'm in the market for a new garage door, so I appreciate your explanation of the differences between tilt-up and sectional garage doors. I really like the idea of a door that takes up less room. I always end up with a garage crammed full of my stuff for storage, so I'd like to be able to fit as much as is possible. Thanks for the great advice!


bryan flake said...

I need to replace the spring on my garage door. Is that a job that I can safely do myself? It worries me that the spring will snap and injure me. However, it also seems silly to hire a contractor to install a simple spring for me.

Stiven McGreat said...

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Genevie Cortel said...

Some garage door maintenance can be done on your own but replacing spring can be very dangerous and should be left a pro.Garage Door Repair San Diego - Priority

Giovanni said...

I never realized all of the options available when it came to garage doors. Space, material, and design are all huge factors that I would never have thought twice about. Thanks for the explanation about the different types of doors. I need to do my research now to decide what would be the best option for my home.

TamilSelvam said...

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Robert Shawn said...

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